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Estate Style Landscaping Osprey, FL

Estate Style Landscaping Osprey, FL

What better landscaping service can property owners in Osprey, Sarasota, and Venice possibly have? Well, there’s Estate Style landscaping!

While many landscaping companies offer traditional services that don’t exactly promote environmental consciousness, our own brand of landscaping is a cut above the rest. Simply put, our style is all about creating landscapes that don’t harm the environment but instead nourish it. This discipline is specifically called “sustainable landscaping,” and we are the leading practitioners of this craft in the state of Florida. But what exactly is this landscaping style? And how can it benefit you? Read on to find out.

Estate Style Landscaping: Things to Expect

As mentioned, Estate Style landscaping takes its cue from techniques used by advocates of sustainable landscaping. Here’s a quick run-through of the things that you can expect when you avail our services:

  • Visually inviting landscapes. We have skilled landscapers and designers who work closely with clients to come up with stunning landscapes. We ensure careful selection of landscape elements and features to guarantee optimum visual appeal.

  • Environmentally correct. This involves guaranteeing a harmonious relationship between various landscaping elements, as well as adopting natural methods of landscaping and using eco-friendly methods and solutions. As we’ve said, our methods are designed to avoid hurting nature in any way.

    Anything is possible when working with Nature
  • Energy efficient. We are huge on adopting technologies and methods that lead to huge savings on electricity. We achieve this through proper placement of trees and other plantings to reduce the need for electricity and cooling. We also use LED or solar lighting for landscapes to cut down on power bills and reduce the need for electricity from local power sources.

  • Water conserving. Water is the single, most important necessity that plants, humans, and animals need to survive. Knowing this, we ensure that our landscaping practices contribute to water conservation efforts. Among others, we use detention and garden ponds and other landscaping techniques that conserve water, such as xeriscaping.

Our Estate Style landscaping approach results to a sustainable, functional, and organic outdoor setup that is hard not to admire and enjoy.

Perks of Sustainable and Eco-friendly Landscapes

Estate Style Landscaping Osprey, FL

Many of our past clients in Osprey, FL and neighboring locations have been benefiting from the landscapes that we designed and installed for them. They enjoy stunning landscapes that are not only complete with all the amenities that they need but also very friendly to the environment.

Florida residents who decided to try the Estate Style landscaping also report almost self-sustaining benefits like lower power bills. They also experience paradise-like outdoors with the various species of local birds, butterflies, and other fauna that get attracted by the plantings that we install. Simply put, the landscapes that we create are guaranteed to offer not only rest and relaxation but deep satisfaction on the knowledge that clients are not hurting nature unknowingly.

Florida’s Landscaping Authority

Our Estate Style landscaping has been enjoyed by hundreds of clients in Osprey and other areas that we serve. We have used our experience and expertise in building unique landscapes to transform clients’ outdoor areas into attractive and nature-like landscapes.

When you hire us, we promise to bring you closer to nature with our unique landscaping style. For more questions on our offered services, please call us at 941-966-4009.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in FL:
  • Englewood, FL
  • North Port, FL
  • Placida, FL
  • Port Charlotte, FL
  • Bayshore Gardens, FL