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Green Landscape Services Venice, FL

Green Landscape Services Venice, FL

At Estate Style, it is our ultimate goal to create landscapes that are self-sustaining and eco-friendly. Knowing how fragile the environment is, we strive to offer landscaping solutions that not only promote rest and relaxation but, more importantly, create awareness of the need to preserve nature. Incidentally, the green landscape services that we offer are the first step towards achieving such goal.

We have been providing these specialized design and installation services for owners of private and commercial properties in select Florida cities, including Venice, Sarasota, and Osprey. Slowly but surely, we have been making a huge difference in the society by creating landscapes that take green technology seriously. Call us today at 941-966-5009 to know more about the exciting prospects of these services.

Green Landscapes: The Future of Landscaping

Green landscapes have a lot of features and benefits that make them the future of landscaping. Among others, a green landscape primarily has drought-tolerant plants and employs techniques such as xeriscaping to conserve water. There are also minimal hardscapes to effectively reduce local heat island effects. If the number of hardscapes can’t be lowered, the installation of shade trees around hardscapes is recommended to achieve cooler outdoors.

Green Landscape Services Venice, FL

Our green landscape services feature an effective storm water management plan and amenities such as permeable pavers used for driveways, gardens, walkways, and other areas. We also use native plants that require lesser maintenance efforts and are naturally able to thrive in Florida’s climate. We only use compost and organic fertilizers instead of buying commercial fertilizers that can harm the environment and even pose safety risks to people and animals.

Our Green Landscaping Techniques

Aside from the methods already mentioned above, we also adopt other techniques that seek to promote greener and more eco-friendly landscapes. Among others, we use eco-friendly materials and products and apply non-harmful landscaping methods such as creating water features that will not use or heavily depend on utilities.

We also use solar lighting to keep landscapes safe and attractive at night without consuming electricity drawn from power grids. Moreover, we apply only organic mulches to trees and shrubs to make them attractive and able to resist searing summer heat. Whenever possible, we only use mechanical, hand-operated mowers to keep lawns attractive and healthy without requiring gasoline to power heavy-duty mowers. We’ve been applying these methods to our landscaping projects in Venice, FL and surrounding areas.

There are other green methods that our company adopts, but suffice it to say that we have enough techniques to make clients availing our green landscape services truly happy.

Benefits of Green Landscapes

Green Landscape Services Venice, FL

Going for green landscape services offers a lot of benefits. First, it’s cost-effective in the long run since the landscape can be maintained without requiring too much water, electricity, and other money-guzzling elements. The savings that you can have on significantly reduced utility and maintenance expenses can be used for other projects, like installing more LED or solar-powered lighting around your yard. And the most obvious yet most important benefit is that you can promote sustainability and help protect the environment.

Florida’s Green Landscaping Experts

We are considered the experts in providing green landscape services for Venice clients. In fact, we are probably the only company offering such services in the Florida area. So if you love to have an attractive, well-appointed outdoors that is also kind to nature, please call us soon. We’ll be happy to create for you an eco-friendly outdoors that you’ll enjoy for decades to come. Call us at 941-966-5009.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in FL:
  • Englewood, FL
  • North Port, FL
  • Placida, FL
  • Port Charlotte, FL
  • Bayshore Gardens, FL