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Ponds & Water Falls

Ponds Sarasota, FL Your landscape is your oasis-a zone within your property, where you can relax in the company of family and friends. It is an asset that adds to the value of your property; and so when you are getting it designed and installed, you need to focus on ensuring that all the features look well-proportioned and put-together. This is where skilled landscapers like us come into the picture.

We at Estate Style provide excellent sustainable landscaping solutions to customers in and around Osprey, Sarasota, Venice, Gulf Gate Estates, and Englewood. Over the years, we have built a very strong customer base across North Port, Port Charlotte, Placida as well as Bayshore Gardens. As part of these services we also install various water features such as ponds and waterfalls.

Benefits of Adding Landscape Water Features

There are a number of reasons why people install these features in their landscaping, such as:

  • They add to the beauty of the property.
  • Incorporate feeling of calm.
  • Many people like a natural looking landscape concept and these elements fit in beautifully in that theme.
  • A rock waterfall creates a stunning focal point on your property. In fact, the rest of the elements and design can be centered on it.
  • The installation can be used as a privacy wall in case your property overlooks a neighboring one, or if you want to block a particular view or structure.
  • Koi ponds lend a very Zen like charm to your landscape and adding the right kind of fish and aquatic plants can create a very beautiful and charming look on your property.
  • A well-planned and expertly installed water feature can enhance to the curb appeal and value of your property.

Fengshui Water Feature Concepts

We are a company that focuses on landscape themes that are natural and one with nature; we also propagate the FengShui concept in our landscaping projects. With these in view, we take great care to ensure that the flow of the water from the waterfalls is directed towards your front door; this is an indication of money flowing in. There are a number of other FengShui and sustainable water feature ideas that we can include in our plans.

Custom Waterfall Design

In most instances, the installation of a cascading waterfall or yard pond is part of a broader landscape project. However, we also handle these installations as a standalone feature if you want to upgrade your landscaping. We use materials such as native limestone that helps maintain the PH levels in the water. Aside from this, we also use water in the form of smaller overflow ponds; this is an excellent way of retaining water in the landscape and it also creates a very natural setting.

If you want beautiful water features for your landscape, contact Estate Style at this number- 941-966-5009 and discuss your project details with our experts. Alternatively, you can also send us your project details via this online form and we will revert within the shortest possible time.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in FL:
  • Englewood, FL
  • North Port, FL
  • Placida, FL
  • Port Charlotte, FL
  • Bayshore Gardens, FL