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Sustainable Landscaping Sarasota, FL

Sustainable Landscaping Sarasota, FL

Everyone deserves to live in an environment that is harmonious, green, and totally self-sustainable. While many consider achieving such as a tall order, we at Estate Style deem it highly possible. In fact, we have been creating sustainable landscapes for clients in Sarasota, Osprey, Venice, and other select Florida locations. Our sustainable landscaping approach has been praised by past clients and even peers alike. Consequently, we have become the top company providing the finest sustainable landscapes that bring a whole world of difference to clients’ lives and the environment as well.

Contact us today and let us discuss with you how we can make your landscape a sustainable one.

Our Sustainable Landscaping Methods

Creating a truly sustainable landscape is a job best left to experts. While it’s not exactly a recent phenomenon, sustainable landscaping has relatively few practitioners and people who can be considered as masters of the various techniques involved. Estate Style happens to be among the long-time advocates of such revolutionary practice.

We have been adopting various techniques that the finest practitioners of sustainable landscaping have been using. These include but are not limited to the following:

Sustainable Landscaping Sarasota, FL
  • Use of organic fertilizers. We all know how many kinds of fertilizers used to keep lawns and plants pest free have damaging effects on the environment. Estate Style uses only organic fertilizers that do the job without hurting nature.

  • Installation of permeable pavers. Permeable paving solutions are on top of our list. We only use premium permeable pavers to build driveways, walkways, decks, and other areas to reduce storm water runoff, which has negative effects on surface water.

  • Xeriscaping. Through techniques like xeriscaping, we can dramatically reduce the need for supplemental water, which is a great contribution towards water conservation efforts.

  • Installation of plantings and outdoor features that attract fauna. Isn’t it nice to see birds, bees, and butterflies roving freely around your lawn? We can achieve such an Eden-like setup right in your own backyard by planting specific plant and tree species and installing amenities such as bird baths that are known to attract fauna.

  • Use of solar energy to light landscapes at night. We can install solar-powered landscape lighting to make your outdoors safe and attractive at night without consuming any electricity from your local power grid.

Safe, Effective, and Sustainable Landscaping Practices

Sustainable Landscaping Sarasota, FL

We aim to create awareness and promote sustainable landscaping without damaging existing structures and landscape features or posing safety threats to property occupants. We achieve this through careful planning and consideration of the actual needs and preferences of our clients. Likewise, we factor the interrelationships of the various landscape elements to create a truly sustainable landscape.

We have performed such specialized service to countless clients in Sarasota, FL and other areas we serve, and judging from our clients’ response, we’re certain that we’re doing our jobs correctly.

Experts in Creating Sustainable Landscapes

We have the expertise and the resources to make any landscape sustainable. Our company has been practicing sustainable landscaping for years, and we have mastered the discipline slowly but surely. Our personnel are well-versed in the latest trends and techniques that the rest of the industry follow, so you’re assured that we will do our jobs efficiently, safely, and with exceptional results guaranteed.

Whether you’re in Sarasota or in another Florida city that we serve, we can surely reach you and show you what wonderful benefits sustainable landscaping can offer. Please dial 941-966-5009 right now.

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