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The Solution

Estate Style is part of the solution, vital to our own future existence is more important than having a chemically forced ‘GREEN’ lawns.

  • In early 1980’s we asked ourselves ‘how can we or any person, help to stop the destruction of the environment?’ Destruction is showing up in every corner of the globe, yet as Americans or any modern society, we desire lush green lawns along with foundation plantings, as most of us believed, that was natural. The neighbors have that, not desiring weedy wild yard to be eco friendly.
  • After working with so called ‘safe chemicals’ for the nearly a decade, it kept bothering me, these chemicals ‘KILL’ bugs and what else and at what costs. That is when we embarked into researching alternative methods.
  • Worked on XERISCAPE program with FNGLA (Florida Nurserymen Growers Landscape Association) along with SFWM, FSU & ISF back in mid to late 1980’s. At that time we all hoped more interest and procurement would be afforded by both Florida Government & people of Florida. Sadly, we became labeled as tree huggers. Yet the process was educational, allowed me to be exposed to various governmental organizations. We are original co-authors of several Vegetation DSO (Development Standards Operation) for many different counties, cities & towns.
  • Native plant society formed between collaborations of ‘Tree huggers’, professional growers, government agencies, landscapers, growers and people becoming aware of changes needing to be done to the precious environment. A hard working group that is helping in awareness to the public.
  • FNGLA also stepped ‘in’ without leaving landscapers in the cold. FNGLA, realized many landscapers where not educated enough, due to lack of true educational process. FNGLA, developed an extensive certification program, of which we are proud to be both one of original certified contractors and acting instructor judge.
  • Additionally members of IPPCA (International Pond Association) ISA, and have been members of IWGS (International Water Garden Association) and lastly LEED. LEED sadly just does not have the interested in the environment on small scale as we are!
  • What we do, is adjust existing landscapes to be visually inviting, environmental correct, energy saving, water conserving making every drop count. All of these add up to make Estate Style a sustainable and useable, organic Outdoor Living Space for you to admire and enjoy at your leisure!

Estate Style is energy and water saving compliant

Estate Style Energy & Water Saving Compliant

Ponds can collect and retain water piped from roofs.

Estate Style Energy & Water Saving Compliant

Here we connected the roof drains(gutters) with down spouts connected to create over flowing, into landscape, open cistern of a pond with interest. As water rises, it over flows down stream over flowing another. Water features with semi aquatic plantings, help to re nourish, recharge and preserve upper water table (aquifer).

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in FL:
  • Englewood, FL
  • North Port, FL
  • Placida, FL
  • Port Charlotte, FL
  • Bayshore Gardens, FL